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Flea markets of Israel

וינטאג' ,אספנות ועתיקות 12/08/2015

Flea markets are considered very special places that attract crowds of visitors.
In many places around the world considered to be a lively texture flea markets and pulsating life – attracts local and tourists. Fortunately, Israel has several flea markets are not inferior abroad. Some visitors come to enjoy the scents and colors, has come to look for bargains and shop second-hand objects and come to experience the unique atmosphere that can be found in each market.
In this review we will learn several major flea markets in Israel. Flea markets we will focus especially with the unique history and ability to adapt themselves to the times and to provide special attractions and experiences. In other words – we get to know the characteristics, uniqueness and all the good reasons to visit the flea market in Jaffa and Haifa.
A little history
Jaffa’s market area has attracted more customers and visitors quite ancient times. According to market its current shape has been operating for over a hundred years when the state was established before he was lively, spectacular and famous. Jaffa’s flea market is right next to the famous promenade and other sites of the Old City and its surroundings also various restaurants, shops sources, open stalls and galleries are impressive.
Haifa flea market is located in the downtown area. Is indeed smaller than that of Jaffa but also lively and visitors. Many consider the heart of the market rather than in stores because if the complex origins vendors. BBQ vendors (or market vendors) is based a long time ago and which ensures the vibrant atmosphere. Thanks to the turnover of goods and various items can be experienced every visitor in a different way.
Activity time
Jaffa flea market runs every day of the week, from Sunday to Friday, throughout the day until late evening. Some of the restaurants and guest houses in the area are also open at night and on Saturdays as well.
Flea Market Haifa, Jaffa, unlike the market, particularly active on Sunday and Monday. Although there are shops and stalls that are active in the rest of the days, it’s totally different experience. Reliable sources suggest reach early hours and enjoy less congestion stalls of vendors. Then worth to visit the shops sources.
Shops and stalls
Jaffa’s flea market shops are no less spectacular museums. Among other things, you can find stores with focus s toys and seamanship, shops with some rare items before the establishment of the state, stores featuring different instruments amateur and professional musicians, stalls and shops of various works of art. More market stalls can be found in natural juices, fish shops, falafel, specialty coffee shops and more.
Jaffa’s flea market you can find a wide range of goods and items, some very old and some are quite ancient. In addition, there is also a wide variety of artifacts and objects to, a variety of design styles and there are also quite a few eateries in the immediate area of ​​the market. Seafood restaurants, pastries, cafes and meats ensure that everyone can find his favorite style.

Jaffa’s flea market is extraordinarily beautiful environment, with the possibility to go down to the beach, enjoy excellent fish restaurants, with experiences of spices, scenery and atmosphere. Special idea is the possibility of visitors waiting to buy a ticket tasting. Thus, you can enjoy the special flavors of Jaffa, unparalleled in the world. The appearance of the place very beautiful evening and in recent years the whole area becomes trendy and young. Improving the general appearance of the city which is also evident in the municipality is working in the market and can be accessed and enjoyed different performances take place in the market, some without cost. Another area you can find beauty spots, areas of museums and culture and more. You can reach the market within the framework of special tours, with training and surprises. It’s worth a tour with a visit to the port. If time remains, is worth also reach the clock tower, visit the Garden of the summit and Kedumim Square, the Andromeda Hill project and the various galleries.
Haifa flea market is a perfect place to enjoy the special atmosphere of air postcards. Like the city itself, it is a welcoming place, with air conditioning. The market complex compound is considered its owner and it attracts many enthusiasts reality, artisans and professional buyers. After visiting the market is worth continuing to explore the city itself, can be reached Bahai Gardens or the variety of museums in the city is blessed with them (there is a maritime museum, mountaineering museum, science museum, etc.). Antique lovers come to the scene as well as people who love to travel. Jump strongly advised to combine a trip to the market every area of ​​Haifa and the North, you can stop for shopping or a bite to eat and enjoy the special atmosphere.

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